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Do you Want a Better looking Home?

As you know cleaning your house is a time consuming task and leaves you almost no personal time to play with your kids and have some quality time for yourself. We at UCM Services Chicago have the perfect solution for your problem.

Our own VIP cleaning package will help you get your house clean and fresh in a short time and at a price that is equal to the time you would have spent cleaning instead of working.

Carpet Cleaning by professionals will save you a lot of time and money and make your home cleaner and more inviting for your family and friends.

water and floods damages restorationWe have over 10 years of experience in changing the way our clients spend their days. Instead of cleaning you can attend to your family needs. Leave the carpet cleaning to us it's what we do best according to customers testimonials

Carpet Cleaners in Chicago

Can Carpet Cleaners really change your everyday life? Sure, just call us and we will reveal how.

Green Cleaning Chicago

Join us in leading a change in all of our daily lives. Green Cleaning in Chicago is a must for all of our families and friends. By ordering services from UCM Services Chicago you are a part of a much greater cause that can lead us to a healthier future. Using our service will benefit your every day life. You will have a cleaner house, one you can invite your family and friends and take great pride of it. And also have a lot of spare time for your hobbies and family.

So pick up the phone and call us 773-649-9591 then schedule a complete house overhaul.

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I have a steam cleaning machine. Why do I need to spend the money on professional steam cleaning?
Professional carpet cleaners organizations use heavy duty, truck mounted steam cleaning equipment...

What is the best method for cleaning rugs?
UCM services Chicago, along with many rug manufacturers, recommends steam cleaning, also known as the extraction process...

Is there any way for me to protect my air ducts from becoming contaminated?
There are several ways to protect air ducts from being contaminated. First and foremost, keep your home clean and dust free by vacuuming frequently. Take care of your HVAC's filters...

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Carpet Cleaning Machines
Carpet Cleaning Chicago use carpet cleaning machines to steam clean carpets, upholstery, rug and more. Call Carpet Cleaning Chicago at 773-649-9591 for more information about our large variety of cleaning services and methods. Read full article...»

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