Best Carpet Cleaners

If you own a carpet, you're going to need to find a good carpet cleaner sooner or later. You see, carpet manufacturers recommend having your carpets deep cleaned every two or three years to revitalize your carpet and maximize its life span.

Dirt, dust and debris - the side effects of normal use - inevitably make their way to the base of all carpets. When you use your carpet, every foot step packs these pollutants down at the base of the carpet. Over time, the carpet may start to smell, show early signs of wear or start to discolor. Professional cleaners have the expertise, and the machinery, required if you want to get rid of all that gunk.

Finding a cleaning service provider that you feel comfortable inviting into your home is no easy task. How can you find the best carpet cleaners for you? Since carpet cleaning is a non-regulated industry, practically anyone can start a carpet cleaning business. Even so, the best carpet cleaners, those that pride themselves in the quality of their work and their professionalism, voluntarily adhere to a certain set of standards.

Finding The Best Cleaning Service Provider

There are many factors to consider before you invite any cleaning technicians into your home.

  • Cleaning method and equipment. Steam cleaning has been proven to be the most efficient way to clean carpets. Even though it is Eco-Friendly, it gets carpet fibers extra clean, removes pet odors and also handles stains. The best carpet cleaners use truck mounted steam cleaning (also called water extraction or extraction) equipment. This equipment provides the power necessary for successful deep cleaning.
  • Realistic price quotes. The expression 'you get what you pay for' takes on even more meaning when it comes to carpet cleaning. The best carpet cleaners will never offer a price that sounds too good to be true - instead, they will carefully consider the various factors that come into place when computing a price: square footage, state of the carpet, carpet type, etc.
  • First hand recommendations and the Better Business Bureau. Whenever possible, try to work with an organization that someone you know can recommend. Recommendations are not fail safe -; they are, after all, subjective opinions, but a good recommendation from someone you trust coupled with a sound record at the Better Business Bureau stack things in your favor.

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