Green Carpet Cleaning

UCM Services Chicago specialized in Green Cleaning services including green carpet cleaning.

Carpet cleaning is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you're trying to think of ways to protect the environment. Traditional carpet cleaning methods included the use of malodorous chemicals that seemed to leave behind a cloud of toxic fumes floating over the carpet. Harsh detergents and heavy equipment were also part of the carpet cleaning scene. But today, thanks to state of the art UCM Services Chicago equipment, and inroads in the area of bio cleaning solutions, and other types of Eco-Friendly cleaning products, effective, efficient green cleaning services are a reality. In fact, if you've been putting off having your carpets cleaned because you don't want to harm the environment, you might want to consider how leaving your interiors dirty can affect your indoor environment.

Indoor Environment

mattresses cleaningWhen you enter your home and step on your carpet or sit down on a sofa or chair, you introduce traces of your daily activities to these common indoor surfaces. Dirt particles, oils, and other materials are collected by the soles of your shoes as you go about your daily business, and then deposit onto your carpet's surface. Every subsequent step mashes these pollutants down into the carpet fibers, where they are trapped until you proactively remove them.

The same goes for your upholstered surfaces - food particles, body oils, hair, sloughed skin, pet dander and other common household pollutants become embedded, over time, down to the very base of upholstery fabrics and into furniture cushions.

Ignoring the natural build up of dirt, dust, and other miscellaneous materials on carpets and upholstery will inevitably take its toll. You may notice some discoloration, or unpleasant smells. In extreme cases, you might even start to experience mild to extreme respiratory conditions, such as aggravated asthma, or increased allergy symptoms or attacks.

Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

How can you battle indoor pollution without wreaking havoc with the environment at large? Rigorous vacuuming goes a long way in removing superficial household pollutants, but there's nothing like a session of professional carpet and upholstery cleaning, by a reputable organization, such as UCM Services Chicago for dealing with indoor pollution.

Truck Mounted Cleaning Equipment

emergency water and flood damage servicesModern truck-mounted steam cleaning equipment directs jets of hot steam to loosen and remove embedded dirt from carpets and upholstery, while simultaneously extracting all moisture and debris to a holding chamber that is located near the machine's motor - in a truck parked outside the premises. Carpet cleaning services that provide green cleaning services clean with steam - nature's disinfectant - because it does not require the introduction of chemicals or detergents.

Using green cleaning services of UCM Services Chicago means that you can smell the cleanliness as soon as the cleaning session is complete.

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