Tile & Grout Cleaning Chicago Services

Looking for professional tile cleaning solution? Are you spending your free Saturdays trying to restore your tile or grout surfaces back to the way they once were? But you're having no success. Take back your Saturdays and hire us to do this tedious job.

UCM Services Chicago technicians have the powerful cleaning techniques, solutions, and equipment. Our prices are reasonable and we offer same day service, call us at 773-649-9591.

Floor & Bathroom Tile Cleaning Chicago

bathroom ceramic tile cleaningAllow us to restore your floor & bathroom tile and grout back to its original state. We guarantee that we can remove those tough stains that you've had for years.
Our process consists of using a high-pressured cleaning solution, along with a high-powered vacuum. We then thoroughly rinse the surfaces. Then we apply a sealer, which protects the grout from stains or spills.

Powerful and Effective

No doubt, technology has impacted every industry, ours is no exception. Our systems are powerful and effective for grout cleaning. We invest in these systems that promise to make our jobs easier and cheaper. We are then able to pass these savings onto you.

Our dual-surface systems, which can be adjusted from 400 psi to 1200 psi, come equipped with high-powered vacuums, large capacity tanks, and high pressure pumps. They also have high-pressured spray guns and lifting handles and circulators that are built in.

Tile & Grout Cleaning Non-Toxic Products

UCM Services Chicago rug cleaning technicians use tough and powerful tile grout cleaning for getting rid of rust, grime, lime deposits, and efflorescence. The solutions consist of high alkaline cleaner and stripper that are designed to get rid of oil-based dirt and grease.

Please note: these tile and grout cleaning solutions will not damage your ceramic tile. Instead, they were created to bring your grout surfaces back to life. Our cleaning solutions are environmentally safe. They won't stain your surfaces, but instead lock in the original colors.

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