Water Damage Cleaning & Restoration Services

Are you experiencing water damage in your home or office? Don't ignore and think that it will go away. UCM Services Chicago can locate the problem and fix it. All for an affordable price. Sometimes moisture builds up in the home or office because of poor construction or maintenance or the lack of knowledge of how humidity can affect your place.

mold remediation servicesWe are open 24x7 for emergency water extraction and water damage service in Chicago, licensed and bonded. Give us a call 773-649-9591.

Water Damage Restoration in Chicago Area

We use powerful dehumidifiers that will cut down on the humidity. Our systems will also increase the airflow, which will help to dry carpets, furniture, and walls. They also stop furniture, walls, and floors from warping and swelling.

water extraction servicesWe not only use truck mounts and portable units to suck up the water, but our gas-powered pumps, which are powerful water extraction systems, will continuously extract high levels of water. Our technicians also use systems, such as hygrometers and moisture detectors, to gauge the amount of moisture.

Water damages that people usually face include sink overflows, sewer back ups, or water pipe bursts. We specialize in emergency flood damage, such as eliminating mildew, extracting water, or sanitizing. Just call one of our dispatchers, and we'll have technicians come right out to your place, whether it's residential or commercial. Don't worry. We will locate where the water damage is.

Emergency Water Damage

emergency water and flood damage servicesIf your insurance company needs to speak to us, we'll gladly speak to the representative. We'll even provide the representative with documentation, including the type of water damage you have and the cost to repair it.

Are you worried about the areas where the water damage occurred will leave odors? Don't worry. We have deodorizers that can get rid of them. These products can eliminate the fungi, mildew, and bacteria.

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