Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

carpet cleaning servicesSave yourself the time and hassles of cleaning your carpet, hire Chicago Carpet Cleaning to do it for you. Our technicians are experts when it comes to getting out those tough stains, the dirt that is trapped in your carpet, or eliminating those horrible odors.

We guarantee out cleaning solutions and methods will leave your carpet feeling new and fresh.

Cleaning Products UCM Services Chicago Uses

UCM Services Chicago uses strong, but natural carpet cleaning solutions. Whether you prefer carpet steam cleaning or dry cleaning, we have products that will work with both. Our carpet cleaning products are also effective on various types of carpeting as well as upholstery. These products will dig into the fiber and extracts the hard-to-get soil.

pet stain & odor removalWhat you'll like about our carpet cleaning solutions is that they won't produce stains like you might find with store products. They are hard-water resistant and won't leave any residue. Finally, our products leave pleasant and fresh fragrances.

Carpet cleaning methods

Our technicians are versatile when it comes to carpet cleaning. We can do dry cleaning or carpet steam cleaning. It all depends on what method you want. Despite what the public says, dry cleaning does involve water. It uses VLM, which means "very low moisture." Dry cleaning consists of a biodegradable powder that we will sprinkle over the carpet.

carpet steam cleaningChicago Carpet Cleaning will then use the rotary system to clean the carpet. But if you're looking to eliminate those rough stains, go with carpet steam cleaning. In fact, major carpet manufacturers recommend this technique because it goes deep into the carpet and extracts the dirt.

carpet steam cleaning services organic green cleaning solutions