I have a steam cleaning machine. Why do I need to spend the money on professional steam cleaning?

Professional carpet cleaning organizations such as UCM Services Chicago use heavy duty, truck mounted steam cleaning equipment that provides power that no consumer grade steam cleaning equipment can match. This type of power ensures that at the end of the process, not only are the carpets clean and spot free, but also as dry as they can be. Consumer steam cleaners often malfunction and over wet carpets. Over wetting leads to drying problems which, in turn, can easily turn into much more difficult problems to solve, like mold, mildew and rot.

What is the best method for cleaning rugs?

UCM Services Chicago, along with many rug manufacturers, recommends steam cleaning, also known as the extraction process. Steam cleaning is not only extremely effective with regard to removing dirt and odors, it is also eco-friendly. Not all rugs, however, can be cleaned using the popular method. Some rugs require alternate methods such as hand washing, dry cleaning or shampooing. UCM Services Chicago technicians are experts at determining which method is best for each carpet.?

Is there any way for me to protect my air ducts from becoming contaminated?

There are several ways to protect air ducts from being contaminated. First and foremost, keep your home clean and dust free by vacuuming frequently. Take care of your HVAC's filters - use high efficiency filters and change them regularly - make sure to check them often, just in case they get clogged, and if your system has a humidifier, be fastidious about following maintenance instructions. Keep cleaning oils and drain pans clean and mold free. In addition, if you're planning on doing any construction or renovation, seal off all vent openings and cover any exposed elements of the system.

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